Light Planning

Lichtplanung für Internationales Dentalzentrum / Lighting Planning for International Dental Center (Dresden, Germany) 2016

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Concept For “Vintage Cat Theatre “ Tent
This Tent is the creative space for Black Light Theater shows with elements of circus acrobatics. Master Project for Hochschüle Wismar 2011

Outdoor Lighting Concept for “Altmarkt Galerie“ in Dresden
Project inHochschüle Wismar 2010

The main idea for facade lighting is to keep unity of facade and surrounding around shopping mole following the language of Dresden street lighting (generally low pressure sodium lamps have been used). This has to be archieved by using metal halide lamps with warm color temperature. Old house has its own life, therefore we have different approaches for lighting an old and new building. The connection between them – lighting up lower part of both houses.